Context of the novel

Context of the novel "Soft moans?"

Alexia and Aaron are twin siblings, and surprisingly, they develop feelings and lust for each other. Aaron gets jealous of his sister's boyfriend. Initially, Alexia does not accept that she lusts for her brother. Her brother tries to express himself and hide his emotions from her. Author Will B. in the novel "soft moans" has depicted an infrequent intriguing story. He has followed a great format and conditions in the story to show how Alexia realizes her lust for his brother. This article will help you in having an introduction to the primary storyline.

Chapter 1:

Aaron runs towards Alexia and her boyfriend, James, in anger and frustration. As soon as he approaches James, he starts beating and punching him. However, Alexia has no clue what's happening and yells at Aaron to stop doing this horrible act. James' face becomes out of form and gets a lot of bruises. Alexia helps her boyfriend to get up and asks Aaron to justify his behavior. Aaron claims that he saw James jamming with another girl last time in the pub and does not want her sister to date such a guy. However, this wasn't the only reason for such a beating. She tells her brother that this isn't the story; Katrina is James' cousin and that she trusts him. Alexia apologizes to James on behalf of her brother, and James doesn't seem to believe the apology. He says he suspects the relationship between the siblings, which startles Alexia.

Chapter 2:

James says it is not a lie that he is interested in you; you also desire your brother. And this is the reason you never allowed me to break your hymen. She wants to say something but feels speechless. Her boyfriend mocks her, and then out of sheer annoyance, she yells at him for misjudging her intentions. James asks her to prove her innocence by allowing him to end her virginity. Alexia agrees to this to clear her image and preferences. James makes some erotic moves on Alexia to arouse her. However, she feels so uncomfortable that she immediately removes his touch, which gives James a point. Without wasting a moment, he says, I was right to judge your intentions towards your brother. She angrily says she is not ready for physical interaction and leaves the room.

Outside the room, Aaron senses her angry expressions and gets concerned. Alexia reprimands him and asks him not to cling so much, or else it is arousing suspicions. Aaron, in a flirty tone, says what if suspicions are rumors are true? On this, Alexia's heart skips a beat, and she wants to refuse what her mind has started thinking.

Chapter 3:

No doubt, Aaron is full of lust, but he laughs to negate what he said before. However, he says it is better to date him than other dumb guys; Alexia turns a blind eye to this. Her best friend jenny tells her that this isn't ordinary sibling love that Alexia has for her brother. Alexia is tired of discussing the same thing and enters the classroom, where she sees her brother kissing her enemy. She runs towards him, not because it's her enemy with her brother. But because there is probably a rush of hormones in herself.