DIY Seashell-Decorated Bug Bracelets: Easy Steps

DIY Seashell-Decorated Bug Bracelets: Easy Steps

Bug bracelets keep those pesky bugs away, but they can be quite basic. How about adding a touch of beachy flair with seashell decorations?


In this straightforward guide, we'll walk you through how to deck out your bug bracelets with seashells with no fuss.

Stuff You Need

Bug bracelet (plain silicone or fabric)

Seashells (different sizes and shapes)

Waterproof craft glue

Toothpick or small brush

Optional: clear nail polish (for extra protection)

Small container for glue

Gather Your Gear

First things first, make sure you've got all your stuff laid out. You'll want everything handy on a clean, flat surface.

Pick Your Seashells

Time to pick your seashells. Get creative with shapes, sizes, and colors. A mix-and-match vibe works great. Just make sure they're clean and grit-free.

Plan Your Look

Spread your bug bracelet out and decide where to put those seashells. Go for a pattern, a random layout, or even spell out a word if you're feeling fancy. This step helps you visualize the final result.

Stick Them Up

Squeeze a tad of waterproof craft glue into a little dish or container. Grab a toothpick or a small brush, then gently smear a thin layer of glue on the back of a seashell. Cover the whole surface that'll touch your bug bracelet.

Attach the Seashells

Now, pop the seashell onto your bug bracelet where you planned. Give it a light press and hold for a few seconds to make sure it sticks. Do this for each shell, following your design plan.

Dry time

Time to chill while the glue dries. It might take a few hours or overnight, depending on your glue. Keep your hands off the seashells during this time.

(Optional) Nail Polish Seal

Want to go the extra mile? Swipe a thin coat of clear nail polish over each seashell. It adds an extra layer of protection if you're planning on a dip in the water.

Rock Your Bug Bling

Once everything's dry—the glue and the optional nail polish—your seashell-spiced bug bracelet is ready to roll. Rock it proudly and stay bite-free during your outdoor escapades.

Tips for Keeping Your Bug Bracelet Fresh

Try not to dunk it in water for ages to keep your seashells looking fab.

If a seashell goes rogue, just stick it back on with a dab of craft glue.

Store your bug bracelet in a dry spot to keep it in tip-top shape.


Decorating your bug bracelet with seashells is a snap, and it adds a cool, beachy vibe to your bug-fighting accessory. With a little imagination and patience, you can turn a plain bug bracelet into a stylish piece of seaside jewelry that's practical too.